Mantic Stages Clutches

Stage 3 – SSCC

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Mantic Stage 3 Clutch Kits feature a cerametallic / cerametallic clutch plate (SSCC) for improved torque capacity whilst retaining excellent driveability.

All Mantic clutch kits have a 20% increase in clamp load to further increase torque capacity. Plus all kits include an SG Iron pressure plate with 3x the burst strength of traditional clutch kits to ensure they can handle extreme centrifugal forces of performance applications.

A sprung centre type clutch plate with cerametallic friction material (SSCC) bonded to a backing plate gives dampening between the backing plates to improve modulation. Torque capacity is increased, however the concession is a slightly harsher engagement when compared to a clutch plate using organic friction material – such as Mantic Stage 1 or 2 kits.

As the pressure plate contacts with the SSSC cerametallic friction material, the ER² groove cannot be machined on Stage 3 clutch kits.

If you require higher torque capacity, but still require daily drive properties, please check out our Organic Mantic Twin and Triple Plate Range.