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  • "I love it. I am actually enjoying driving my car again" Cally, Perth, Western Australia. (Mantic 9000 Series twin disc)
    Mantic clutch = best clutch I've ever owned! 6.0vette (Mantic Street Series)
    It drives 100% like the stock ls7 clutch except it actually holds my 600rwhp now!!! 6.0vette (Mantic Street Series)
    Absolutely love it... smooth as stock, no chatter! Ikester (Mantic Street series)
    "The clutch is great to drive, and tough." Mike, Victoria, Australia. (9000 Series twin disc)
    "We have now been running the Mantic Clutch for 2 seasons" Murray Carter Racing, Melbourne (C6 Z06 race Corvette – Mantic 7000 triple disc)
    "The pedal feel is not too heavy and is very progressive." Mark, Melbourne (Mantic 9000 series twin)
    "All I could say is WOW!" Greg, Scottsdale AZ. (Mantic Street series)
    "3,000 miles with no problems what so ever." Greg, Scottsdale AZ. (Mantic Street series)
    "You will not be disappointed at all."Greg, Scottsdale AZ. (Mantic Street series)
    "I switched to a Mantic dual from ECS for a lighter pedal and easier modulation. Acrespo1986 (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "It feels.. superb! Very very close to stock grab, and almost identical pedal feel." madmatsterc4 (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "Over 5,000 miles now and have zero complaints!!!" 6.0vette (Mantic Street Series)
    "Drives like a stock ls7 clutch, holds A hell of a lot more power." 6.0vette (Mantic Street Series)
    "You won't have any regrets... it's the best" 6.0vette (Mantic Street Series)
    "I spoke with these guys at Sema, very nice product!" Mobius
    "Where is my "clutch" case? I want it!! " 1stGlance (Mantic Street Series)
    "I recently replaced my clutch after driving another car with a Mantic clutch. 1stGlance (Mantic Street Series)
    "It should be compared to OEM clutches for drivability, not aftermarket units. BillY2KFRC (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "I've had both LS6 and LS7 clutches before and I can say the Mantic is as easy to drive as either of them." BillY2KFRC (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "Both the pedal pressure and smoothness/throw of engagement are phenomenal." BillY2KFRC (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "2,000 miles, two 10 second 1/4 mile passes, even stop and go traffic, I love it. BillY2KFRC (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "One of the best things I've done to my car BillY2KFRC (Mantic 9000 Series twin)
    "The engagement is butter smooth yet it can hold 700+ rwhp." Ikester (Mantic Street series)
    "I can actually drive the vette without having to deal with annoying chatter." Ikester (Mantic Street series)
    "Definitely worth the few hundred dollars extra!" Ikester (Mantic Street series)
    It's the best clutch I've ever owned, bar none!! Paul Plemenos (9000 Series twin disc)
    Thanks for putting out such a great product. Paul Plemenos< span class="red">(9000 Series twin disc)
    I'm sure I wouldn't be making it to the podium without Mantic!! Paul Plemenos (9000 Series twin disc)
    There are no rattles or any other strange noises while at idle. Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)
    On the track, it is a dream. Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)
    The engine revs wonderfully and quickly due to the clutch. Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)
    It make downshifts a breeze and upshifts are completed as quickly. Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)
    Truly a dream. The 7000 Plus has easily handled everything that I have asked for. Benjamin Lesnak (7000 MOI Plus Series triple disc)
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